Hershey’s Own Great 8 – 3/24

I’ll have to give Matt Trust a break here.  Usually he is posting game recaps and highlights for me here on the blog, but last night was a bit busy for one of the Hershey Bears interns.

Hailing from the Lehigh Valley himself, Matt helped out on the broadcast last night at PPL Center.  Like trying to predict an 80-degree high temperature in January, nobody could have predicted the outcome of last night’s Bears-Phantoms matchup.  Since we were busy with all the statistical updates surrounding the Bears’ 8-0 trouncing, Matt didn’t have a chance to log in and get the update posted.

Here are the Phantoms’ video highlights, courtesy of SendToNews, in case you wanted to see the “Great 8” – Hershey’s highest offensive output and largest margin of victory this season:

The gang buses to Utica today, and will take on the Comets tomorrow night at 7PM.  Radio pre-game hits the air at 6:20.  Look for the game notes in the morning as well.

Thanks for checking in everyone, and sincere thanks for all the kind words regarding Matt’s participation on the air.  He is a true diamond in the rough, and honestly is the third person I’ve encountered in my working career to whom I would truly give all I have to make sure he succeeds.  He WILL be on the air with me again… very soon.