FINAL: Wolf Pack 2 at Bears 3 (OT) – 10/24

Click here for the box score, and click here for the press release on last night’s overtime win over Hartford.

It certainly was an incredible atmosphere for the pre-game, highlighted by the 1980 Calder Cup championship team being introduced on the Giant Center ice.  Another not-so-great highlight came just prior to the starting lineups being announced.  Bears president and general manager Doug Yingst – about to pass the legendary Hall of Famer Frank Mathers in time spent in his dual role – announced is retirement to the crowd, teams and world over the internet broadcast on Caps Radio 24/7.

The man is a true legend.  He hired me, taught me, showed me how to be a coach and mentor even though I didn’t play the game at nearly the level some people did, and gave me advice on getting rid of my desire to “just stay put at this level of broadcasting”.  He trusted a guy that came from the rivals up north on I-81.  I honestly had no words when I heard the news… and you could just feel the air come out of the building as well.  At least he is going to be here through this season.  It’s now time – more than ever – to get that 12th Calder Cup.

Rematch between the Bears and Wolf Pack is coming up at 5:00 PM.